MT950-2 Universal Tow Cart

The MT950-2 Ground Handling Cart is a self-contained tug designed for use with the R22 (S/N 2500 and on), R44, and R66 helicopters. For Clippers with utility floats, Newscopters and Police Helicopters MT950-3 universal tow cart rear lift kit is required.

The ground handling cart allows a single operator to easily move the helicopter on a smooth hard surface. To use, the operator lifts the helicopter at either the ground handling ball or the rear cross tube, installs the ground handling wheels, and pushes or pulls the helicopter to the desired location.

The ground handling cart is driven by a 1-hp, 24-volt D.C. motor powered by two 12-volt batteries connected in series. Batteries are charged by an on-board charger. A door above the batteries provides access to the battery terminals for helicopter jump starting.


  • MT950 tow cart on the second picture with optional kits attached (left; is not included) and standard MT950 (right).

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